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Combining the Application of Advanced Scientific Studies with Smart Nutrition for the 21st Century

FTH Nutraceuticals is taking a giant step in the nutritional industry by providing only USP Pharmaceutical Grade pure vitamins, amino acids and minerals as-well-as ultra pure grade antioxidants. Steven Bass, President and founder of FTH Nutraceuticals has been involved with USP grade nutritional products since 1982. Inspired by Don Tyson (one of the world's foremost authorities on amino acids and nutritional therapies, and founder of Tyson Nutraceuticals and Integrated Health), Steven decided it's time to raise the bar for quality and purity in a virtually unregulated (at best self-regulated) nutraceuticals industry. His articles on health, fitness and beauty have been published in magazines, he has done numerous health oriented radio shows, and is a noted and well-respected speaker in the nutrition industry. For more information and projects related to amino acids, vitamins and soon an amino acids health blog, please visit our About FTH area.

FTH Pharmaceutical pure grade nutrients require little or no digestion and can be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and utilized quickly. FTH Nutraceutical amino acids can be taken sublingually for those who prefer this method. With FTH Nutraceuticals you can count on the nutritional products we produce to provide the body with the ingredient amounts listed on the label and the vitamin buyer will utilize most if not all of the contents completely. We provide our nutritional products to physicians, hospitals and other health professionals in their management of patients nutritional recovery and now...our products are available in fine health food stores and markets everywhere in the supplement isles. FTH nutritional supplement products are formulated without animal by-products, making them a great addition for muscle toning or performance bodybuilding regiment or health supplement. Don't be fooled by our competitors who claim to have 100% pure products or only sell "the only" pharmaceutical grade products in the world. Please contact us at FTH with your questions and for ordering.

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